Taxonomy news

1. True’s beaked whales from the Southern Hemisphere split as a new species, Mesoplodon eueu.
2. When pygmy marmosets got split, it was unclear which of the two species should keep the old name because it was unknown which one was represented by the original holotype. Now we know that the northern species should be called Cebuella pygmaea and the southern C. niveiventris.
3. A proposal to split porcupine Coendou prehensilis into three species: C. prehensilis (restricted to the Atlantic Forest), C. baturitensis (eastern Amazon and montane forests in the Caatinga), and C. longicaudatus (two subspecies, C. l. longicaudatus in western Amazon and C. l. boliviensis in Cerrado and Chaco).
As a bonus, two helpful papers about Colombian shrews: 1, 2.

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