Mammal ID from Chaparri, Northern Peru

Hi All,

I am looking for help if anybody knows rodents in the Chaparri area of Peru (north-west)!

This is the area:

I saw small mammals (rodents) every evening around the cabins. Perhaps the same species all the time. I post 4 images – could be the same species…

Could not find any publications about any small mammal trapping in this reserve.

Anybody can help? Any hints or ideas welcome!


János Oláh



  • Vladimir Dinets

    What’s the habitat/elevation there? Also, what size were they?
    I’m thinking Rhipidomys leucodactylus; the gray one might be a juvenile or Microryzomys/Oreoryzomys. Do you have a photo showing the tail tip?

  • MarbledPolecat

    I have checked all images I got, the tail tip is not visible. Chaparri Lodge is around 480 m asl, so its a classic dry habitat area of western peru with Sechuran Foxes in the lodge garden.
    I was thinking about 2 species as well, the grey one as you suggest looks different portions (larger ears) but it can be a juvenile as it was smaller too. General size was 15-18 cm without tail. The grey one was distinctly smaller. I was also thinking of Oreoryzomys sp.

    Well actually the tail tip is visible (not sharp) on the same images (of the smaller, grey one). Not sure how to attache in comments…

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