Tufted ground squirrel

I am sorry if it looks like I’ve overtaken this blog recently, but I think this will be of interest to many people. There is a new paper on the diet of tufted ground squirrel, a much-sought Bornean endemic. It is based on numerous sightings in Gunung Palung NP in W Kalimantan, so I asked one of the authors if it’s a particularly good place to see the squirrel. Apparently, it is, and there are two others: Gunung Tambuyukon in Sabah and Lanjak Entimau in Sarawak. I have to admit I’ve never heard of either of them.


  • Michael Johnson

    Gunung means mountain in Malay/Indonesian. Tambuyukon is 12km north of Kinabalu, and in the same mountain range and park. Just looking at a map there appears to be a “nature resort” just to the east of it, might be worth checking out as a base to explore this area.

    • Vladimir Dinets

      I found both places in Google Earth, but it was unclear what the access situation is. I asked the person who recommended them, and just heard back:
      “You can drive to the Monggis substation of Kinabalu park and hike trails that go up Tambuyukon. Not sure what the rules are these days. Lanjak has a no-go zone but you can take a canoe to villages in the buffer zone or access forest via Batang Ai National Park.” – Andy Boyce.

  • Michael Johnson

    Sorry that should be west not east in my previous post.

  • tom hewitt

    I have climbed the mountain twice. It is long and arduous and often the wettest part of the Kinabalu park.
    Superb unique pitcher plants near summit and views of Mt K itself. There are orangutans in the forest at lower

    Sabah Parks has a sub station there called Monggis. It has camping and basic room and kitchen facilities and would
    make a fine base to stay and explore from. Any serious time on the trails would require a local guide – perhaps 100 myr
    or more per day.

    Climbing up there are a number of campsites where you would need to be self sufficent.

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