Taxonomy news

1. A review of alstoni species group of mouse opossums, with a description of Marmosa adleri (if you’ve seen “Alston’s mouse opossum” in Panama, that was it).
2. A review of genus Makalata suggests that there are a lot more species than currently recognized (but I am a bit skeptical about the approach used). I have PDF.
3. A really cool paper describing 14 new shrew species from Sulawesi. I have PDF, too.
4. On a separate note, I compiled a checklist of mammals of the Indonesian part of New Guinea (with brief distribution and identification info), and will be happy to share if anyone needs it.

  1. ELIAS SADALLA FILHO 12 months ago

    Dear Vladimir,

    Congratulations for your strong engagement in mammal watching!

    I would like to receive your checklist of mammals of the Indonesian part of New Guinea.



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