New Trip Report: Eastern Brazil

A new report of a successful trip from Cheryl Antonucci who continues to check off the world’s primates at an impressive pace.

Eastern Brazil, 2021: Cheryl Antonucci, 19 days & 34 species including Black and Golden-headed Lion Tamarins, Yellow-breasted and Blond Capuchins and Uta Hick’s Bearded Sakis.





  • Cheryl Antonucci

    I made one mistake on Day 6. I mean to write I can recommend the local guide Binho. He was amazing!

  • Antee

    Thanx alot! Useful information for my upcoming Brazil tour which I am planning at the moment.

  • Alex Schouten

    What a great trip and a good report! Thanks!! Maybe it’s a good idea to give some details how to get in contact with the local guides. When more people start mammal/primate watching they can earn some more money with guiding.

  • Cheryl Antonucci

    One comment to add, when looking for the Buffy tufted marmosets around IPE, the area is private property. Do not walk in people’s yards and stick to the main roads.

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