Advertising: An Amur Leopard & cubs should be be very watchable next month

Breaking news…  Royle Safaris have just been informed that the new (to the park) Amur leopard female has gave birth to 3 cubs and is in residence very close to our specialist photography hides in the Russian Far East. The birth occurred around 3 months ago and we expect she’ll start to come out with them from day to day in the next 2 weeks and that this behaviour will continue for several weeks as the cubs learn about their new world.

We have dates selected for a small group (1-4 people) on 21 February – 1 March 2022 and we can offer this incredible opportunity to any cat enthusiast. The last time Amur leopard cubs were photographed here was about 5 years ago. Who knows when we have the same opportunity again?

In addition to this female and her cubs the resident male (and most likely father) called Typhoon, is still there and regularly seen around the hide.

The situation with omicron is not very serious in Russia and people from many countries can enter without restriction (if you are fully vaccinated). There are no new restrictions from the government and this is very likely to remain the case.

Here are more details on Royle Safari’s Amur Leopard Trips though please note that this special Leopard cub trip will run 21 February – 1 March.



  • Antee

    Then this cubs will be fed with bait from the very beginning…

  • Yeye

    I hope not and that the cubs can grow up like wild animals and find their own food in the future.

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