New Trip Report: Namibia

A new report from Samuel Marlin.

Namibia, 2021: Samuel Marlin, 14 days & 48 species including Bushveld Sengi, Black Mongoose and Ground Pangolin.



  • Martin Scott

    Great report and photos. Lucky to see all those cats in Etosha plus wild dogs elsewhere. Hope to see similar on delayed trip this October.

  • Rick van der Weijde

    Hi Samuel, you write at the Spitzkoppe-section: “…2 black mongooses in very good conditions. Thanks to the mammalwatching community for explaining where to see such mongoose species”. I am heading there in a few weeks time; can you share the information where to look for them more precisely?
    (If not public, mail is also good ofcourse) Thanks.

  • Rick van der Weijde

    Thanks Jon, of course I should have checked that first/again… 🙂

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