Updated Mammal List for Sangha Lodge in the Central African Republic

The world’s mammalwatchers fall into two groups: those who have already been to Dzanga Sangha National Park; and those who want to.

I was lucky enough to visit the park in the Central African Republic in 2011, staying at the superb Sangha Lodge. I loved the place so much it opened my 2019 list of the World’s Best Mammalwatching Destinations.

Rod and Tamar Cassidy, who set up Sangha Lodge in 2009,  just sent me this updated list of mammals they have found around their property. An immense 109 species, which has to be twice what it stood at when I went there 10 years ago with Jean-Michel Bompar. Rod might well have the planet’s longest mammal “garden list”.

Just about all 109 the species are exciting but some of the new standouts when I look at it include Golden Angwatibo, Golden Cat, Allen’s Swamp Monkey, Flying Mouse, Giant Pangolin and Black-legged Mongoose.

Rod also tells me that he is working with the Ba’aka to find active tree roosts for various species, including multiple bats and anomalures, so I really need to return for more mammals beyond seeing the Bongos I missed first time around.

Life running a lodge in the CAR is seldom easy and the past two pandemic years must have been extremely tough. But the lodge and the Cassidys are still there and open for business. So now is a great time to visit: not just for the sake of your mammal list, but for a chance to support conservation in a remarkable place.




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