• Lennartv

    Nice to see a mammalfocused report from this region since it’s much visited both for its endemic birds and it suitability for having a vacation that is not focused on any particular animals. I envy your Houbara Bustard! I did not get it in my two days Fuerteventura despite searching for them in the right places at the right (and not so right) time. Furthermore it might be of interest for people to know that both Barbary Ground Squirrel and Algerian Hedgehog are introduced to the Canary Islands. Personally because of this I did not count Barbary Ground Squirrel and did not make an effort for the Hedgehog.

  • JanEbr

    The only land mammal endemic to the Canaries seems to be the Canarian Shrew, any ideas about seeing that?

  • vmoser

    yes, sorry if that was not clear, also Rabbit and House Mouse are of course introduced. Only native land mammals left besides the bats is the Shrew. There used to be Lava Mouse that went extinct quite some time ago. Shrew requires probably quite a big effort to find, apparently also not very vocal.

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