New Trip Report: Panama

Here’s a great report from Karina and Andrey, aka The Travelling Zoologists.

Panama, 2021: The Travelling Zoologists, 2 weeks & 34 species including Water Opossum, Robinson’s Mouse Opossum and a Silky Anteater.



  • Charles Hood

    It is interesting how our sport is maturing — similar to how birding got better once top-end field guides came out and once we shared data online. (I remember the bird alert phone numbers.) I have been to Canopy Tower four times over the years, always enjoyed it, but never with a thermal scope and never with results like these. Part of it is a change in rules / procedures? I have been told in the past I can’t walk the road at night, it is not allowed. And the truck tours at night scare everything off. I also was told once there were no bats under the big wooden bridge at the bottom of the hill, even when I asked nicely and in Spanish. (I should have made the guide let me look anyway!) Even walking the road at night with a spotlight, crepe-soled boots, walking silently and alone, that was nowhere near as productive as the thermal scope turns out to be. When Nikon once released an updated camera model, the sales pitch was that it would make you want to go back and shoot everything all over again. Reading the recent reports, even for Oman (where I just was!), makes me want to go back and do all my old trips over again.

    On topic of Panama, another mammal watching “regular” just got back from his trip there a week ago, and he had cacomistle and margay, to speak of yet two more species I have never seen. (I assume he will post here eventually?) Hearing about these great trips makes it hard to go to work, I must say that.

    Charles Hood

  • Paul Carter

    Hi Karina and Andrey. Good to see your report. I was just there (as Charles notes in his comment); I overlapped your last 2 days but not staying at CT. Great that you got the silky anteater which I was hoping to see! On the logistics side I walked the Pipeline trail at night (had my own car) so was unaware of any issues about that or the permit to leave Panama City; and we did not need any covid tests prior to arrival into Panama. Paul

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