Lowland tapir at caraça, Brazil

Good evening,


Right now I am at Caraça, Brazil famous for its maned wolf. I haven’t heared or didn’t know a lowland tapir seems to visit sometimes as well. Right now I am really hoping of seeing the wolf as well but wow amazing and for me totally unexpected encounter.


Greetings Jens


P.s. the only way you are allowed to stay to see them come to the food offerings is when you get a room for me as a single traveler it cost me 360 real and for a couple it is 540 real.


  • Samuel

    Nice picture. Yes not unexpected to see tapirs there. We actually saw more tapirs than wolves while visiting Caraça a few years ago. We saw tapirs not only where they give food for the wolves but also while hiking with our guide in the forest tracks nearby. This was mentioned in my trip report posted on this website I think

  • Rob Jansen

    Very cool sighting! And good info!:) How did you get the room, did you reserve beforehand online? And how many nights would you recommend?(we’re on a budget world travel, so we try to avoid most of these expenditures^^)

    • Stephen Babbs

      It was about ten years ago that I was there so it may have changed but when I was there the monastery was actually one of the best value places we stayed anyway. Again things may have changed, but the wolves were almost every night then, but not quite. (Tapirs weren’t coming to food then.) I would definitely allow two nights.

      • Jens Bokelaar

        Totally agree with Stephen and it is a really beautiful area to walk around and relax so 2 nights would be the best especially since I met someone since then who also only stayed one night and missed out on the wolfs.

        I also saw a crab eating fox there at the feeding place and regina tells of a skunk as well. Otherwise there are brocket deer around the church early in the morning. Definitely recommend searching those as well.

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