Banging on snags finally pays off

For the past two years I have been tapping on dead snags hoping to see a flying squirrel. Generally it has either not worked or the squirrel barely peeked out of ran around the backside of the snag and presumably into another hole before I could get a good look at it. Today it finally paid off, the little squirrel stayed in place and allowed me to observe it. I only watched for a few seconds as owls and hawks are very common down this trail (that’s normally what I see here).

I have resumed my late winter/spring walks here in Central MA. I am not seeing a lot of animals directly but finding bear and moose scat. Incidentally, I have been hearing a lot of noises. To be honest, some of them sound quite terrifying like something roaring or perhaps even a little like a T-rex. Is there a good site for North American mammal sounds or a CD that is recommended?

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