Panama and Belize (done) and Texas (early April)

1 – PANAMA (Feb 2022)

A post on mammals seen in the Gamboa area HERE; includes Margay and Ocelot ….

A post on mammals seen in Boquete HERE; including (1) cottage accommodation with Cacomistle and (2) first confirmed record (post splits) of Alston’s Woolly Mouse Opossum in Panama (listed in MDD as endemic to Costa Rica).

More notes on the Alston’s Woolly Mouse Opossum record and splits/taxonomy HERE.

A page with full Panama trip list (36 species) and other notes HERE.

2 – BELIZE (Dec 2021)

A page with trip list HERE (+40 species) including Hatt’s Vesper Rat, Baird’s Tapir and Thomas’s Sac-winged Bat. Best trip record was probably the Creaser’s Mud Turtle (endemic to Mexico) posted on iNat. I have not yet posted any specific site info on Belize trip but the trip list has locations and links to iNat posts where done.


Tomorrow I start driving (with the non-mammal-watching Ms) from LA via Tucson and White Sands to Texas. If anyone mammaling in the following areas at dates indicated then feel free to drop me a line ( if wanting to combine forces for rodents and other (see reports by Jon Hall and others in the area the last few years). Sites and dates: Junction (31/3) – Port Isabel area (1-3/4)– Port Aransas area (3-5/4) – Brazoria NWR area (5-7/4); and Austin (7-10 Apr) where my day focus will be humans on motorbikes at the Austin MotoGP (nights are not yet planned) before driving back to CA. Doing the trip I had planned for early 2020 but postponed by covid.


  • Antee

    Nice Margay!
    Congrats, I am very jealous 🙂

  • Sebastian Kennerknecht

    Great trip Paul! And thank you for the report as well. I am quite confident that cat is an ocelot. Just my opinion, but I am quite sure.

    • Paul Carter

      Thanks Sebastian. I would prefer it was an ocelot as I already have photos of Margay! Margay would be a better record for the area as ocelot are reported. Size-wise and what I saw of the tail made me go for Margay. And some local wildlife people thought it was Margay when I showed them the pics next day on my camera. I am hoping that somebody gives me definitive ID comments based on what the photos show; but that may be asking too much. P.

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