Places available on a Spotted Bat Research Trip in Arizona, June 19-22, 2022

Spotted Bat, Euderma maculatum

This field trip is a rare opportunity to see and learn about one of North America’s rarest and most beautiful mammals – the Spotted Bat – along with a range of other excellent and rarely seen mammals.

The mammalwatching public are being invited to join this research trip to help raise money for conservation work. And if the mammals alone aren’t enough of a reason to sign up, you will also enjoy a backdrop of some of the planet’s most spectacular scenery and see legendary field biologist (and star of episode 7 of the podcast ) Jose Gabriel Martinez in action.

Here’s my report from a similar trip a few years ago.

More details and how to book one of only 4 or so spaces are here.


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  1. Morgan Churchill 6 months ago

    ah man…if I hadn’t already booked and mostly paid for a trip for Florida I would have totally signed up for this

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