Tchad/Chad Feb 2022

“2-week trip to 3 locations across Chad in the last week of February and 1st week of March, 2022.
– Ennedi Natural & Cultural Reserve: Northeastern Chad. Sandstone massifs in the Sahara Desert
– Ouadi Rime – Ouadi Achim Faunal Reserve: Central Chad. Sahara-Sahel flat grasslands with reintroductions of 3 extinct or near-extinct antelope species. 
– Zakouma National Park: Southern Chad. Sudan-Guinea Savannah. Land of lions, elephants, and more Bohor Reedbuck one could hope to see in a lifetime.”


  • Antee

    Lovely chad!

    A future destination for me with Ennedi plateu and Zakouma.
    Everytime I read about this area I got hypnotized.
    Too bad my travel list is so long…

  • Zarek Cockar

    @Antee definitely go! I reckon a mammal-focused trip could turn up some amazing species. Someone else who was there at the same time as us had amazing sightings in all the same places (though he had a much longer trip overall).

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