New Trip Reports: Ivory Coast

Here are two fascinating reports from back to back trips to the Tai Forest in Ivory Coast. Apparently this season’s in vogue destination for the fashionable mammalwatcher.  No Pygmy Hippos but a bunch of seriously good species to compensate.

There is some overlap between these two reports and their mammal lists. The Pictus report gives a detailed account of their first trip and includes a mammal list covering both that trip and the second they did immediately aftewards with Royle Safaris. The Royle Safari’s report gives a detailed account of their trip and its mammal list. So, for example, only the second group had Zebra Duiker, but only the first had Jentink’s.  This paragraph is apparently the most complicated thing I’ve read since a Brief History of Time. You get the idea. Another report from Ian Thompson should be here before too long.

Tai Forest, 2022: Pictus Safaris, three weeks & 52 species including Long-eared Flying Mouse, Chimpanzee Johnston’s Genet, Liberian Mongoose, and Jentink’s Duiker.

Tai Forest Pygmy Hippo safari, 2022: Royle Safaris, 1 week & 49 species including Liberian Mongoose, Brush-tailed Porcupine, Johnston’s Genet, Common Cusimanse and Zebra Duiker.


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