Advertising: Borneo Trip with Wildlife Trails, September 22 – October 4

Here’s an exciting trip to Borneo! This 13 day tour covers my three favourite parts of Sabah: Deramakot Forest, the Danum Valley and the Kinabatangan River. It should be an excellent introduction to one of the world’s great mammalwatching destinations.

The Glory of Wild Sabah, September 22 – October 4, 2022

With Wildlife Trails

Potential mammals include: Orangutan – Pygmy Elephant – Clouded Leopard – Tarsier – Slow Loris – Leopard Cat – Marbled Cat – Sun Bear – Proboscis Monkey – Bornean Gibbon – Civet species – Flying Squirrels – Sunda Skunk – Maroon Langur – Grey Langur and a variety of spectacular birds including 8 hornbill species, Estuarine Crocodiles and more.

Full details are here. There are 4 spaces available.


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