Advertising: Borneo’s Rare Mammals: 26 August – 9 September 2022

Royle Safaris have a scheduled 2 week rare mammals tour to Sabah, Borneo starting 26 August.

Borneo has a host of rare and elusive nocturnal mammals including Sunda clouded leopard, Binturong, Sunda colugo, various species of civet, several species of slow loris and many other species. This tour is the first of its kind to target all of these species. Of course seeing many of these rarer animals is going to be very hard and require a great amount of luck, but this is the first and only tour that offers chances and dedicated time to try and see all of them in their various habitats, as well as a wealth of other mammal life in this wonderful region.

This tour will start in the now fabled Deramakot Forest Reserve, this managed forest has good sized populations of all of many species of mammals, particular ones that are very elusive elsewhere. Whilst staying here we will become as nocturnal as many of our mammal targets and spend several hours every night looking for Sunda clouded leopards, various species of squirrel, civets, Sunda leopard cats, Philippine slow loris and Marbled cats.

We then move on to the longest river in Borneo the magnificent and mighty Kinabatangan River where we will try for the Flat-headed cat as well as some of Sabah’s incredible primates such as Bornean orangutans, proboscis monkeys and Sundiac silvered langurs.

Then we finish in the fantastic forests of Tabin, here the combination of pristine forest and palm oil plantation (running along the border of the reserve) means there is a mix of wildlife and many species (which utilize the palm oil plantation) which are seen here easier than elsewhere. We will explore this reserve in full and have negotiated extra long night drives whilst here in order to make the most of the wonderful nocturnal species which are known from here.

Full details are here.

If you wish you can also add on a pre-tour extension which will head into the rugged Tawau Hills.


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