Advertising: Panama Mammal Tour, 25 May – 3 June 2023

Another new tour from Royle Safaris, with ten days in Panama next year in some of the best forest in Central America (I just got back). Plus (and this is a major selling point in my view) Dr Jose Gabriel Martinez will be guiding it.

Travel with a zoologist and expert mammal watching guide to one of the world’s most underrated mammal watching countries.

Panama has a lot of species found in northern South America as well as many species found only in Central America. All in all this makes Panama a wonderful place to either visit as a first time mammal watching trip to the region or as a trip to try and fill in missing species from previous trips to countries such as Costa Rica or Colombia. Whilst mammals are the major focus here there are also many species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and more that can be seen on the trip!

The trip spends most of the time around the historic and world-famous Canopy Tower (which is located inside the wonderful Soberania National Park). Whilst based in the Canopy Tower your specialist guides will take you to iconic and great mammal watching locations such as around the Canopy Tower itself and Semaphore Hill, Pipeline Road, Barro Colorado Island, Gatun Lake (via boat), Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, Metropolitan Nature Park and Fort San Lorenzo located on the Caribbean coast. From the Canopy Tower you will have the final two nights at the award-winning Canopy Lodge. From here you will explore the El Valle’s foothills for its amazing mammals and birds.

From the diminutive Geoffroy’s Tamarin to the boisterous Mantled Howler Monkey the primates are diverse and very popular with mammal watchers. There are also two species of sloth which can be seen here; the Hoffmann’s Two-toed & Brown-throated Three-toed Sloths as well as a huge diversity of bat species including the very energetic and easy to see (as they feed on the hummingbird feeders) Orange Nectar Bats.

Full details are here.


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