• Cathy Pasterczyk

    Thanks Charles. I’m glad to read that birders get a bit of positive acknowledge. 🙂

  • john wright

    Hi Charles, Haha don’t think I can help you with the exact id of a thermal image mouse but when I was at Bellavista in January 2018 I watched an Andean Forest Mouse (Chilomys instans) on the ground below the Olinguito/Kinkajou feeding trees one morning.

    • Charles Foley

      Marvellous! I’ll take that as a confirmed record….. no just kidding, but thanks for the information John.

  • Lennartv

    Great report Charles! I’m particulary interested in the bit about the Oncilla. It must be a very recent development as I asked a lot about Oncilla’s at Bellavista when I was there in October, but was told they had only seen it once a month for a few months on the trails. Someone else also put in an effort last December but didn’t have any luck either. Well, if there are pictures there must be some truth to it… The only pictures I have seen so far from Bellavista look like lucky encounters on the trails during the day. I’m curious if another mammalwatcher might be able to use this new information to his or her advantage.

    • Charles Foley

      Yes the information I got was that during the dry(er) season the Oncilla would regularly sleep at one of 4 or 5 sites in tree boles along one of the walking trails. Apparently you creep up to the sleeping site during an early morning walk and peek your head in to see if it’s there. He showed me photos of a sleeping Oncilla in at least one site, possibly more. During the rains the animal moved away and hadn’t been seen for about 4 months – although presumably it should have been around when you were there. He then saw it twice in the space of 4 days around the time we were there. I guess anybody planning on visiting Bellavista should specifically ask about this and let them know in advance that they are interested in trying to find the animal. Unfortunately I can’t recall the guides’ name, but he was a young chap and seemed to be their main guide.

  • Michael

    I also just returned from Ecuador. Not much to report since I was mostly botanizing with students (which makes a lot of noise) and it rained a lot, especially at night, but two things might be of interest:
    Milpe Bird Sanctuary below Mindo has very active bird feeders that appear to be regularly visited by a Tayra. We saw it twice in about three hours and the local guides were very familiar with it. Also visiting the feeders were Central American Agoutis and Red-tailed Squirrels. In the forest (down by the river) I saw a Western Dwarf Squirrel.
    A nature guide at Milpe also told me about a roost of Northern Ghost bats at Reserva La Esmeralda near Puerto López in Manabí province. The bats roost in one of the buildings at the reserve entrance and are well known to the locals and and are regularly shown to visitors. The guide showed me very nice photos.

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