Mammal Photographs Needed from Southern California or nearby

Brad Blood is preparing a book on the terrestrial mammals of southern California and the eastern & southern Sierra Nevada. He is looking for photographs he can use of these species, preferably from California, or somewhere close by (though this is not a hard and fast requirement).

He is not taking a profit off the book, but instead is donating my share of the profits to the American Society of Mammalogists. So if you have commercial terms, please let him know at


Family Didelphidae
• Didelphis virginiana, Virginia opossum

Family Leporidae
• Lepus americanus, snowshoe hare
• Lepus townsendii, white-tailed jackrabbit
• Sylvilagus nuttallii, mountain cottontail

Family Aplodontidae
• Aplodontia rufa, mountain beaver

Family Sciuridae
• Glaucomys oregonensis, Humboldt’s flying squirrel
• Tamiasciurus douglasii, Douglas’ squirrel
• Neotamias alpinus, alpine chipmunk
• Neotamias amoenus, yellow-pine chipmunk
• Neotamias minimus, least chipmunk
• Neotamias obscurus, California chipmunk
• Neotamias senex, Allen’s chipmunk
• Otospermophilus variegatus, Rock squirrel
• Sciurus griseus, western gray squirrel
• Urocitellus mollis, Great Basin Ground Squirrel
• Xerospermophilus tereticaudus, round-tailed ground squirrel

Family Castoridae
• Castor canadensis, North American beaver

Family Heteromyidae
• Dipodomys stephensi, Stephen’s kangaroo rat

Family Geomyidae
• Thomomys monticola, mountain pocket gopher

Family Zapodidae
• Zapus pacificus, Pacific jumping mouse

Family Cricetidae
• Lemmiscus curtatus, sagebrush vole
• Microtus californicus, California vole
• Microtus longicaudus, long-tailed vole
• Microtus montanus, Montane vole
• Sigmodon hispidus, hispid cotton rat
• Erethizon dorsatum, North American porcupine

Family Soricidae
• Notiosorex tataticuli, Ticul’s desert shrew
• Sorex lyelli, Mt. Lyell shrew
• Sorex merriami, Merriam’s shrew
• Sorex monticola, Montane shrew

Family Talpidae
• Scapanus latimanus, Broad-footed mole

Family Felidae
• Lynx rufus, Bobcat

Family Canidae
• Canis latrans, Coyote

Family Mustelidae
• Lutra canadensis, Northern river otter
• Mustela vison, American mink
• Pekania pennanti, Pacific fisher

Family Mephitidae
• Mephitis mephitis, Stiped skunk
• Spilogale gracilis, Spotted skunk

Family Equuidae
• Equus asinus, Feral burro

Family Cervidae
• Cervus canadensis, elk
• Odocoileus hemionus, Mule deer

Family Antilocapridae
• Antilocapra americana, Pronghorn

Family Vespertilionidae
• Myotis velifer, Cave myotis

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