IUCN’s Gnusletter

The gnusletter is the Antelope Specialist Group’s newsletter from the IUCN and might be of interest to some, especially Charles Foley’s account of his Abbott’s Duiker, which you will have seen here first.

Whoever came up with this title at the IUCN ought to get the “Dad joke of the year” award. Love it. Though I am now in danger of wasting the rest of the morning trying to come up with similar puns for the other specialist groups’ newsletters. But its already Takin far too much of my time. Boom.

GNUSLETTER, June 2022  with articles on Giant Eland, Giant Sable, Abbott’s Duiker and more.


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  • Charles Foley

    It was the legendary Dick Estes who came up with that moniker. He edited the Gnusletter for many years – and, of course, also studied wildebeest.

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