Iceland trip report, June-July 2022

For a country with just one native land mammal and no endemic species, Iceland sure gets a lot of coverage on this website. So I wrote a very brief trip report: Iceland, 12 days and 11 species including Arctic fox, orca and white-beaked dolphin.


  • Olli Haukkovaara

    Thanks for an interesting report, Vladimir! Iceland has always been a place I want to visit and your brief report gives a good insight on what to expect.

    • Vladimir Dinets

      Note that there are many other trip reports from Iceland on this site, some of them by people who traveled there much more extensively than I did.

  • Eric

    Do you have a list or a link to a list of the 75 breeding birds of Iceland? Everyone mentions them but I can only find complete lists of species including rare/vagrants.

  • Eric

    Thanks! One more quick question. Did you get a 4×4 car?

  • Eric Liebgold

    Sorry for sending all the Iceland questions on the forum. I just bought my tickets! and am working on my itinerary. How did you book the blind for the puffins on the Westmann Islands? Did you stay on the island?

    • Vladimir Dinets

      No need to book it, it’s open to everyone. You can spend the night there, just bring a sleeping bag.

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