Taxonomy news

1. A new paper shows that otter genera Aonyx, Amblonyx, and Lutrogale should be synonymized under Lutra, and also that Congo clawless otter is a valid species. I have PDF.
2. Another paper suggests that subspecies cratericus of yellow-pine chipmunk is a separate species, possibly widespread in southern Idaho and easy to see around the visitor center of Craters of the Moon National Monument. If you go there, remember that the taxonomic status of local pikas is also uncertain.
3. A new species Glischropus meghalayanus described from India. I got PDF of this one, too.
4. Another paper clarifies the evolutionary history of warthogs and suggests that common warthogs of West Africa might be the only valid subspecies other than the nominate.
5. Finally, Marcus Chua is working on the taxonomy of greater mouse-deer; looks like it’s a species complex that’s going to be split. If you have any photos, particularly from Indonesia, please send him to marcus.chua.ah at


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