New Trip Report: How not to see a Desman

Here’s a refreshing report from Jan Ebr on an unsuccessful search for a Pyrenean Desman. It is also a reminder that not every trip is a success even if some of us (me included) tend to report the highlights more than the lowlights. I could fill a whole new website with my disappointments alone. .. Please keep these kind of reports coming. All (accurate) data can be useful!

How Not to See a Desman, Catalonia, 2022: Jan Ebr’s report on an unsuccessful search for Desman, with Stone Marten the best of the bycatch mammals




  • Daan Drukker

    I think you vole might be one of the water vole species, as even for bank vole standards, the tail is very long (additionally the size and habitat).
    P.S. I was in doubt if I should write a mammalmissing report too for Pyrenean Desman, but I found that quite painful to do 😛 I missed it at the other side of the Pyrenees at the well-known site of the Lacs d’Ayous despite searching fanatically during an evening, a night and a morning.

  • JanEbr

    I’d be quite happy if that were a Water Vole (the species have been basically merged by most people), since I have never seen yet, but this animal is wrong for that for all sorts of reasons … It also looks a bit weird for Bank Vole, I admit that, but Water Voles have different nose, ears, tail … I have posted more pictures on FB!
    Shame you have not seen int at Ayous – and nice to know that 🙂 as the reports available make it sound even too easy,

  • Lennartv

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