New Trip Report: Sabah, Borneo

Here’s a new report from Ian Thompson of his (and my) trip to Borneo last month with AA Borneo. Featuring green testicles, a squirrel riding a muntjac and a bucket-load of other mammals. I plan to write a short note about this trip too in a few days.

Deramakot and Kinabalu, 2022: Ian Thompson, 2 weeks & 53 species including 2 separate Sun Bears, Long-tailed Mountain Rat, Whiskered Flying Squirrel and a Bay Cat.



  • Alan Dahl

    Wow a bay cat! That’s huge. Although I see tarsier were not spotted again. Always good to read a report from Sabah and hear that Mike is still going strong.

  • Ian Thompson

    Hi Alan. We tried several times to find a tarsier with no success. I’m not sure if that was just bad luck or if they are currently more scarce than then were previously. Mike continues to be a powerhouse of a guide!

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