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Hello all

I visited Ladakh in July/Aug this year, which turned out quite productive for a number of mammals (including Pallas’s Cat, Tibetan Fox, Tibetan Wolf and Tibetan Gazelle). I will write a report over the next few days and share it on the forum.

I have, however, been duly challenged while trying to identify the Pikas I came across (which were abundant through the region, at this time of the year) and would be grateful for any help with ids, from the forum members. Here is a google photos link to the pictures with associated information in the descriptions.

Thank you


  1. Vivek menon 1 month ago

    Most of the raised eye flattened forehead ones Ladakh pika Ochotona ladacensis. If you send me close ups on email vivek@wti.org.in and also tell me where and what elevation each is shot we can eliminate O cursionae from the not clear shots. The other rounder head larger eared one ochotona macrotis. Large eared pika
    Get my Indian mammals field guide for more

    • Author
      ficustours 1 month ago

      Thank you very much for the prompt response and ID pointers. I have included habitat/elevation/location information in the description of the images in the google photos – will also send you the information/close-ups on email.

      Thanks again
      Kind Regards

  2. Manuel 1 month ago

    Dear Ravi
    Good to eat that you say so many goodies in Ladak! If you look at my report you’ll find pretty much all the species you are looking for as we visited apparently several same places . Write me if you need more specific help.
    I am looking forward to see your trip report.
    Good luck my friend!

    • Author
      ficustours 1 month ago

      Hello Manuel

      Good to see your comment and to hear from you! Hope you and Aline are doing well. Yes, Ladakh turned out quite productive.
      Thank you, I will check your report for ID pointers.
      Kind regards

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