Ladakh July 2022

Hello All

Here is a trip report from a visit to Ladakh in July this year. Many thanks to Vivek Menon, Stuart Chapman and Manuel Ruedi for help/pointers with Pika ids.

List of Mammals Seen

Ladakh Pika Ochotona ladacensis
Large-eared Pika Ochotona macrotis
Nubra Pika? Ochotona nubrica
Woolly Hare Lepus oiostolus pallipes
Cape Hare Lepus capensis tibetanus
Stolickza’s Mountain Vole? Alticola stoliczkanus
Himalayan Marmot Marmota himalayana
Long-tailed Marmot Marmota caudata
Pallas’s Cat Octolobus manul nigripectus
Mountain Weasel Mustela altaica 
Red (Himalayan) Fox Vulpes vulpes montana
Tibetan Sand Fox Vulpes ferrilata
Tibetan Grey Wolf Canis lupus chanco
(Ladakh) Urial Ovis orientalis vignei
Greater Blue Sheep Pseudois nayaur
Tibetan Gazelle Procarpa picticaudata
Tibetan Wild Ass Equus kiang

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