New Trip Report: SE Brazil Primatewatching

A new report from Alex Schouten and Jeannette den Hertog.

SE Brazil, 2022: Alex Schouten and Jeannette den Hertog’s notes on where to see 8 primate species including Golden Lion Tamarin, Robust Capuchin, Buffy-headed Marmoset and Southern Muriqui.


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    Great to hear you comments Alex and Jeannete and in addition to learn that the southern muriquis will be on yours memories for ever. We will be looking forward to assist more ‘mammals watchers’ and ‘primate watchers’ here at Carlos Botelho State Park, located only 3,5 hours from Sao Paulo city. These forests still harbours the original species richness of this Biome – for all groups of Mammals, Avian, Reptiles and Amphibians as it is only lightly affected by anthropogenic pressures. it is our mission to generate awareness through spreading out our knowledge, about the fascinating wild southern muriquis within the Natural World Heritage Site The southern reserves of Brazilian Atlantic Forest” . This is the last largest fragment of these luxurious rainforest that were also a highlight along the Charles Darwi´s The voyage of the Beagle, for more info please reach out +5511976326998 WhatsApp and email, Best Regards, Mauricio Talebi

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