Southwestern Research Station in Portal AZ


I’m trying to book a cabin at Cave Creek Ranch for this coming April but it is currently full.

I wonder if the Southeastern Research Station is a good alternative in terms of casual mammal watching. Has anyone on this forum done research there?

Or should I look for nearby airbnb or things like  George Walker House instead?



  • Eric Renman

    Long time ago since I visited SW Research San at Portal and spend 2 nights each there, 1984 and 1990, but if I were to go to Chiricahuas again, I would not hesitate SW Research Stn. One of the Cosiest and best places I ever have visited! That said, I have no idea about the other places mentioned, they are probably well known and good, they too.

  • John Fox

    Yes, their web site says amateur naturalists, etc can stay there if there is room. A buddy and I stayed once, I drove the roads until three am (and found a young mountain lion in a parking lot) and then he drove till six am looking for some bird.

  • David Bygott

    You could contact Prof. Howard Topoff who is based at the research station, and he may be able to tell you more. htopoff “at”

  • Tom Terleph

    I did research there in the late 90’s when I was a grad student. I remember javelinas coming to visit when we were eating, and a fox would hang around the cabins as well. Staying anywhere in the general area should be good.

  • Peggy Faucher

    We just got reservations at Cave Creek Ranch for April due to a cancellation so get on the waitlist. The last time we were at the George Walker house in 2019 there was a Ringtail visiting the hummingbird feeder at night. As Tom stated staying anywhere in the general area should be good.

  • Bud Lensing

    I stayed at the Canyon View Cottage last June. It is just down the road from the SW Research Station. they have solid wifi there as well. It is an airbnb thing.

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