South Florida Trip


I’m planning trip to South Florida in about two weeks.  As well as looking for mammals I’ll be microfishing, birding and herping.

I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Keys, and would really like to see the endemic ssp. of rodents especially the Key Largo Woodrats.  Any tips?

Also does anyone have recent information on bats, especially Florida Bonneted Bats, in the Miami area or anywhere else in S. Florida?

Any other recent info about any mammals would be helpful


  • Vladimir Dinets

    The place for the woodrat is Key Hammock SP; access points at 25.17619, -80.36969 and 25.18466, -80.36217. It also has Keys cotton mouse, black rats that are probably R. tanezumi rather than R. rattus, Key geckos and lots of eastern screech-owls. The place is officially closed at night so park a couple hundred m away and walk. If you are too law-obedient for that, try Loquat Drive and Banyan Terrace late at night.
    For silver marsh rat, try Blimp Rd. in Key Deer NWR.
    Each of these two places has an endemic rabbit ssp. and an endemic raccoon ssp.
    All native small mammals in the Keys were already very difficult when I spent a lot of time there in 2005-2011, and are reportedly even more difficult now. A thermal scope might improve your chances.

  • amielhopkins

    thanks 🙂 I would say I’m the opposite of law obedient, at least when it comes to Woodrats

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