Alex Meyer lives in Brooklyn with his wife Ann and their dog and cat (Hobson and Zula). He works with animals via dog walking and dog sitting.

He was born and raised in New York and has loved animals since his first trip to the Bronx Zoo at age two. He originally focused on seeing mammals in captivity until effectively running out of new species to see. In 2019, he turned to wild mammalwatching, with a trip to Zambia, South Africa, and Ethiopia. As at October 2021, he has traveled to 42 countries, 47 US States and 271 Zoos, and seen 1372 different mammal species (519 wild) spanning 134 of the total 159 mammalian families.

His photos can be seen in various publications including Lynx’s Handbook of the Mammals of the World, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Walker’s Mammals of the World, Bovids of the World, Canids of the World, and Felids of the World.

His other hobbies include going to concerts, playing basketball and ultimate frisbee, and devouring Ann’s delicious cooking.