A special installment of: Identifying Rodents and Pikas with Tomeslice

Hi everyone,

On my recent trip to Sichuan in China, we came across a few different rodents and Pikas, some of which were positively identified, and others which I would like help in identifying, if possible.

Let’s start with rodents:

1.  First one: small mouse-sized rodent from Labahe Nature Reserve. I have a video of it, but it’s too large to upload so I uploaded it to my YouTube channel which I never use anymore..:

You can easily skip the first 10 seconds. The best candidate for this one is Confucius niviventer, which supposed to be common in the area according to our guide. He didn’t see this specific individual so he never confirmed it 100%.

2. Same with the next one. Another individual on the same night, also at the roadside. Might easily be the same species:

And also a video of this one:

OK, 3d species: A slightly larger rodent on the road, also at Labahe. Best candidate for this one according to Sid: Chevrier’s field mouse:

And also a video for this one:

4. Final rodent: From Tangjiahe, also on the road. I only have 1 picture of it and no videos…

Ok, and now a few Pikas for the soul:

So this one is the regular Plateau Pika, or Black-lipped Pika, for reference:

And nohter reference: The following is “known” to be a Moupin pika, up at the top of the higher cable car station in Labahe:

Ok, and now the 3 mysterious ones. Are the all Gansu Pikas? Thomas’s Pikas? 2-3 different species?

5. Let’s start with this one. These are 2 individual pikas found in the slightly lower elevations of the road from Zasage Scenic Spot (Rouergai), but in lower elevation, as you descend from the plateau grasslands through the alpine forest, and then into this kind of rural area that’s still forested on 1 side of the road. The ecology of these guys is quite different than the plateau pikas, as they’re more in shrubbery and not in open fields, and are shier (also lower elevation, I believe). They’re not great photos (is an understatement) but they’re the best I have of this species and nobody else seems to have gotten pictures of pikas there:

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