Aardwolfs, Aardvarks and more in the Karoo and Kalahari of South Africa – March 2023

Hi all, this is a report of a small grouptour in Northwest South-Africa in March 2023. Focus was on nocturnal mammals and overall quite a success with good and multiple sightings of the nocturnal prima donnas such as Aardwolf, Bat-eared Foxes, Aardvark, etc.. Felines also performed well (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and African Wild Cat), but despite the excellent quality of our guides we dipped on the specialties (Black-footed Cat, Serval and Caracal) mostly due to just not having that extra bit of luck you’ll always need.

South Africa_Karoo_Kalahari_2023

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  • KyleFinn

    Looks like a great tour. Note the “black girdled lizard” is Peer’s girdled lizard (Namazonurus peersi).

    • SimonvdMeulen

      Hi Kyle, many thanks for sharing your expertise. For me it was a guess as I still have little knowledge of reptiles; so, your observation is very much appreciated. Cheers, Simon

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