Additional info for sun bears in Kaeng Krachan, Thailand

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Just sharing some current info on sun bears from today in the park. Right now there are 2 known individuals visiting the lower campground and 3 visiting the upper campground in Kaeng Krachan. According to guides and staff, the bears visit at different times of day and night and never at the same time sharing with another bear. This means that bears visit the campground during the day and night. Today the bear we saw at the upper campground was seen at 11am and a bear was seen at the lower one at 2pm. So you do not necessarily have to wait till after dark to try at either spot. Right now seems like 1-3 days spent is more than enough for a very high likelihood of seeing them.

We also saw 2 Yellow-throated Marten at the upper campground and many more in the park I will provide information for in a trip report, including a fully black leopard seen a mile east of the park entrance at dawn.


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  • PaintedTraveler

    This, honestly, is making me consider looking at flights right now. Desperate to see sun bears in the wild.

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