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G3-guides ( is a Spanish nature guiding company, originally based in Serranía de Ronda (Málaga) and specializing in Andalusian biodiversity (including Doñana, Strait of Gibraltar, where you can find everything from Iberian Lynxes to dragonflies and amphibians). We have recently established in Northern Spain at Laciana Biosphere (León province, Alto Sil Natura 2000 Network) surrounded by Asturias and next to Somiedo for the summer season. We already operate mammal tours and offer our guiding service for mammalwatchers in Spain.

The Cantabrian Mountains are the undisputed magnet for large carnivores. Brown Bears are especially abundant in the region (2023 report) and spend long periods feeding on small fruits, an ideal circumstance for the delighted observers. Other carnivores seen in the area include the elusive Grey wolves (a hundred or so) and wild cats, where observations depend heavily on rodent density. We should also mention the presence of more endemic Iberian mammals: Cantabrian chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica parva), Broom hare (Lepus castroviejoi) and the secretive Pyrenaean Desman (Galemys pyrenaicus). Other endemic animals such as Seoane’s viper, Gold-striped salamander and the recently described frog Rana parvipalmata (link) live here too. Butterflies and dragonflies are abundant during the summer and alpine birds are always attractive. Think of Yellow-billed Choughs, Wall creepers and Alpine Snowfinches… more abundant in Picos de Europa.

In 2024, we will run two tours in August and September that will be of interest to mammal-watchers and nature lovers more generally. Please take a look at the information below and contact me if you are interested in joining this tour ( We will use high-end telescopes Kowas TSN-99 for best possible views.


2024 August 14-24 (eleven days). Rambling the Cantabrian mountains: the large carnivores in Northern Spain. This exceptional tour will allow you to visit both Western and Eastern Cantabrian hotspots Here is the tour program.

Price per person, for a group of three travelers. Guiding (11 days): 650 euros (-10% when 4 travelers). Estimate for Travel logistic: 900 euros *.


2024 September 2-8 (seven days). Cantabrian bears in Somiedo (Asturias) and Villablino (León). A shorter tour focusing on bears in beautiful Somiedo and Northern León. The program is essentially similar to the long tour without the visit to Picos de Europa and Montaña Palentina.

Price per person, for a group of three travelers. Guiding (7 days): 500 euros (-10% when 4 travelers). Estimate for Travel logistic: 550 euros *.


* As a consultant and guide, I can support the organization of logistic. The price is estimated for rural hotel in double rooms and full pension. The guiding includes transportation. Please ask for details.

Here is our newsletter with more information about the company.


Florent Prunier, G3-guides

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