Advice needed for one day in Kuala Lumpur.

Hello all,

I have a full day for flight transfer in Kuala Lumpur next month (arriving the day before and leaving at 11:30pm). All the guides I asked are busy, so I can only try to hire a private taxi and visit fraser hill and Kuala Selangor by myself. Is there any suggestions on how to see a white thighed surili there? Any particular trails to check?




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  • Michael Kessler

    20 years ago, I saw two troups of the surili on the trail to the north of the golf course (between the golf course and the tall appartment house on the hill). Plus a nice group of Siamang on Bishops trail. Good luck!

  • jamesaeaton

    Walk around the Telkom Loop – there’s two groups along this road, so it’s just a matter of putting the time in till they come to the roadside. Also, at the very top of the entrance road, between the gate and start of town, usually a group here in the first 1-2 hours of the morning – they are often on the wires and roadside trees.

  • Michael Johnson

    At Fraser Hill if looking for primates, don’t bother with the trails, just walk the roads. The trails can be hard work. I saw all the primates on roads except the siamang, which was close to the road anyway. I only saw one white-thighed surill, and that was on the road to the waterfall. Others have said they are more common than the dusky langurs however I saw a number of the dusky langurs.

    You will only get Selangor silvered langurs at Kuala Selangor. but they will be easy.

    Good luck.

  • Jon Hall

    Yesterday there was a report of a clouded leopard on the road at Fraser’s Hill. So good luck!

  • giant eland

    Hello fellow mammalwatcher! I was just in Malaysia for a few days. You don’t need to travel all the way to Fraser Hill for White-thighed Surili. If you’d prefer to stay closer to Kuala Lumpur there is a wild group of that species that lives on the grounds of Zoo Negara. Email me privately at and I can share a contact at the zoo that can help you find the Surilis.

    I also hiked the Shah Alam Backyard Trail two different nights in search of Pen-tailed Tree Shrew. I walked the trail with a local who had pinned a photo of the Tree Shrew on iNaturalist. Although we didn’t find any, we did see Red Giant Flying Squirrels and Wild Boar and heard Malayan Tapir. Again let me know if you’re interested in his contact.

    I would also recommend Batu Caves. They have very high ceilings but with a powerful flashlight and zoom lens you should be able to see a couple species of bats including Black-bearded Tomb Bat.

    As oppose to taxis you could always rent a car. I found a good price with Europcar. The roads were well maintained and the other drivers very reasonable. It is the left side of the road, but I’ve had practice with that.

    Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions,

    -Alex Meyer

  • phillip1229

    Thanks for all the help.

  • jurekmammalwatching

    In 2017 I saw best White-thighed Langurs along the road before Frasers Hill, e.g. near Raub. Make sure your taxi driver understands if you yell to him to stop!

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