Algeria trip report

Three weeks ago Morten Kure Kattenhøj and I went to Algeria for just over a week. I’ve never had so many things go wrong on a short trip. Despite the whole thing being a chain of disasters, we saw some cool things. Algeria, 2023: 16 species including Mzab gundi, Seurat’s spiny mouse, Saharan subspecies of aoudad, the rare Algerian taxon currently called “savanna hare“, and possibly African wild ass of an undescribed subspecies 🙂

Algeria 2023

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Vladimir Dinets


  • JanEbr

    Haha this is a fun read 🙂 I am quite confused with the regulations though – you had to drive in a police convoy in the north, but could move around Djanet with no police escort? From various birders’ reports it seemed that in the entire south of Algeria you needed a policeman with you at all times …

    • Vladimir Dinets

      Around Djanet we were driven around by a local tour company. The police escort is only required if you are self-driving.

  • Original Nature

    On Tuesday Vladimir I will visit the Algerian consulate in Barcelona and ask for explanations as to why they did not let my camera in. Although I don’t expect much

    • Vladimir Dinets

      I don’t think you can get anything from them. Anyway, hauling big cameras up that plateau wouldn’t be much fun.

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