Antalya Province, Türkiye – April 2024

In April 2024 we travelled to Antalya for a conference and decided to add some wildlife watching to the trip. On a simple itinerary, without a lot of travelling, we managed to find nine species of mammals, including the bezoar ibex, the Taurus ground squirrel and (easy to get to) caves with the Egyptian fruit bats, the lesser mouse-eared bat and the common bent-wing bat.

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Karina and Andrey


  • JanEbr

    We were in Akseki a few days before you and also found nothing – note that the villages you mentioned are too low, the real habitat is higher up the mountain – there we saw burrows, but no activity, so we also chalked it up to them being still hibernating. But nice that you gave the exact site, we’ll go there next time 🙂

    Wild goat is really common around Uzumdere, it’s one of the best sites. I am surprised though that while your report mentions birds, it doesn’t mention the fish owl, did you not know about it?

    • Karina and Andrey

      Yes indeed, these fields are quite low – we checked the locations from inaturalist, and later searched higher up, along the road up after Cimikoyю. We didn’t see a single one there 🤔. Yes, we searched for the Uzumdere fish owl, but didn’t see (even with a thermal) or heard. Only a scops owl sang near the bridge.

      • JanEbr

        Haha I know the Scops Owl in question 🙂 It’s actually the first ever Eurasian Scops Owl that we ever really photographed, after having heard hundreds of them and photographed all sorts of other Otus species 🙂

  • Daan Drukker

    Great report of a lovely region, and great photos!

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