Australia–Far North Queensland and New South Wales March 2024

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  • CatherineG

    I really liked reading your report, even the part about the leeches 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you made the trip to Campbelltown to see the koalas. My hubby and I actually live here and we spot koalas on our morning walks, usually once or twice a week. If you ever find yourself back in the area, we’d be happy to show you the best spots to see them. With a bit of notice, we could even try to find one in a tree before you arrive. Sometimes they hang out in the same tree for a few days, but other times they move on quickly. 🐨🐨🐨
    Here are a few we have seen, the mother and joey was cute 🥰

    • gaeaston4

      I so wish we had connected before my trip, I definitely would have carved out more type to look with some local help–next time!


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