Baja Peninsula Mexico March 2024

Baja Mexico Trip Log March 2024

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Jane Kempler


  • Therabu

    Great submarine pictures!
    Would be curious to know what kind of devices are used.

    • Jane Kempler

      Thanks very much. Andy took the underwater photos on a Sony alpha 6600 in a nauticam housing with external strobes. They were then processed by me in Lightroom

  • Lennartv

    Great report! I really liked the underwater footage in your Youtube video too. I did a bit of diving in Yucatán in 2022 with self driving and much sounds familiar, especially the corrupt gas station workers. I always paid in cash to avoid any funny business with my credit card, but even then they managed to scam a bit more peso’s out of me. The wildlife is worth it though!

  • ChadJ

    Thanks hope posting this. Socorro is on my bucket list of places to dive and always love to see what people see there. Awesome pictures, too.

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