Bat ID from La Lancha tunnel, Andujar, Spain

Hi, we were on a lynx watching tour in October 2022 and visited also the Andujar area of Spain. In the tunnel near the dam at La Lancha (Salto del Jándula) we photogpraphed some bats. Unfortunately we can´t identifying the species We and would appreciate any help. I have attached the 3 photos. Thank you in advance. Manuel and Sabine 

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  • Romain

    Hi, under lock white, nose classic and dark, ears at 90°, could be Myotis mystacinus


    I saw the same small roost in the tunnel early 2020, whilst also on a lynx trip. I am not very good on bats but was told by our guide they were Daubenton’s Bats (Myotis daubentonii) which is what I recorded at the time. Daubenton’s usually roost near water often in tunnels or under bridges which is accurate in this case. Looking at your image 2 and having blown it up I detect a pale silver grey belly which is true to the species. They also appear to have relatively short ears.
    I stand to be corrected by the many Bat experts that frequent this site and am more than happy to alter my trip list.

  • CarlosBocos

    Myotis daubentonii


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