Batting in Ghana

Some notes about batting in Ghana

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  • JanEbr

    Aaah, shame you haven’t posted this three month ago! Now I need to go back to Bobiri and look inside some logs 🙂

  • CarlosBocos

    haha, that place was pretty nice, wasn’t it? We had rain most of our only night in that place, sadly. Been comparing our results to yours, Daan Drukker and others and funnily, we all got around 40 species in two weeks time. We had 41, not including those 4 bats that I can’t ID and two rats which i didn’t see well enough. We missed quite a lot as we did terribly bad with the monkeys and dormice, plus not so well with the squirrels. Seems there is a lot of space for improvement

    • JanEbr

      Yep, it was amazing in Bobiri! I also noted that people get quite similar results in Ghana, but the species lists can be quite different – is someone could see the union of the sets in one go, that would be a huge trip!

  • samuelmarlin

    Hi Carlos, Good to read you here. How’s your hand doing 😜😉 ? samuel

  • samuelmarlin

    Looks like everybody was in Ghana that week ! Met with Martin Royle in Kakum and with you in Mole/Bobiri/Atewa. Life is funny sometimes (or the mammalwatcher community small😁)

  • georgevincent

    Great to meet you in Ankasa, Carlos! Eventually I’ll get round to writing a full report, but highlights I picked up included African Brush-tailed Porcupine (twice – Ankasa), Western Tree Hyrax twice (Ankasa and Bonkro), Thomas’s Dwarf Galago (in Kakum), Tree Pangolin (Bonkro) and African Palm Civet.

  • CarlosBocos

    Cheers mate, a great meeting in the field, as it should be! Looking forward to seeing your report but sounds like you did great! We missed that porcupine, the tree moaner despite hearing it almost in every place, that pangolin and the civet. Im still unsure about all the galagos we saw, to be honest. I didn’t take the time to check the photos and the sound recordings. On the other hand, Black-bellied Pangolin in Kakum was truly mega, all thanks to the legend Robert Ntakor

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