Cats report from Bhutan.

On 5th November 2019, while traveling to Eastern and Southeast Bhutan for launching Young Bhutanese Birder (YBB) birding club. After launching the birding club at one of the schools in Jomotshangkha, Samdrup Jongkhar, I suddenly saw a Leopard Cat crossing the road that evening, an elevation would be about 300m. But unfortunately it was dusk and I didn’t get the good photograph of Leopard Cat but still viewers can enjoy the picture.

Similarly, I encountered a Leopard Cat at midnight in Dakpai, Zhemgang, on 16th October 2023. An elevation would be about 1,650m.

In 2015, at around 8 PM. Encountered a mother Marble Cat with three kittens crossing the road at below Tamala pass, Zhemgang. An elevation would be about 1,600m.

Likewise, Several times I have encountered Common Leopard in Phobjikha Valley, which serves as the wintering ground for over 600 Black-necked Cranes in Bhutan. An elevation would be about 2,600-3,000 m. Above sea level.

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