Chiricahuas, September 2023 (Venkat Sankar)

Hi all,

Sharing a report from a great (but rather sleep-deprived) long weekend the Chiricahua Mountains and Animas Valley in SE AZ and SW NM, respectively. We saw a lot more than I was expecting, including a major milestone mammal for me and several other species I’ve wanted to see for years.

In total, 53 species in 4 days including Puma, Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat, Chihuahuan Grasshopper Mouse, Allen’s Big-eared Bat, White-backed Hog-nosed Skunk, and Ringtail. The featured image is of a White-sided Jackrabbit, another great mammal we saw.

What a place!


Chiricahuas, September 2023 (Venkat Sankar)

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  • tomeslice

    Great report Venkat!
    Congrats on the Puma! I know it’s been your long-time nemesis.. of course your dad saw one in town while you were away.. but finally you got yours 🙂

    • vnsankar

      Thanks Tomer! After my dad saw the puma, I was sure I’d see one soon. But 7 years went by and I hadn’t… I guess I wasn’t making life easy for myself by wanting to see one in CA, or at least the American West!

  • giant eland

    Venkat, if you were so desperate to see Cougars I’m sure you could’ve met some at your local bars…
    But in all seriousness, great report and incredible undertaking! You are a rodent maestro!

    -Alex Meyer

  • Ian Thompson

    Wow! That is a fantastically impressive list of species, Venkat. I’m so glad you got to see a Puma. Any plans I was making for next fall just got re-prioritized:)

    • vnsankar

      Thanks Ian! You’d really enjoy it there. It’s one of those places I could spend weeks in and not get bored. In fact, I may actually go back to that area next fall myself.

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