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If you have been contemplating a visit to Chad then this might be very good news…

A last minute cancellation means there is one space open on a small group trip to Chad I’m organising with Pictus Safaris starting March 21. This trip was already being run at a discount but this last minute spot is reduced by an additional $2500 (or maybe more) because the deposit has been paid for you. Please write to me for more information.
We have 6 nights in Zakouma National Park, one of the finest national parks in Africa, with spectacular mammal and bird watching. A ton of diversity and huge numbers of animals congregate here at the height of the dry season in March. We will stay in the African Parks world famous and comfortable Tinga Camp. Species we will look for include Servals (this is one of the best places to find this beautiful cat), Caracal, Pallid Fox, Red-fronted Gazelle, Red-flanked Duiker, Northern Patas Monkey plus Elephants, Lion, and much more.
We spend three nights in the Ouadi-Rime Faunal reserve, that African Parks are also protecting: one of the world’s largest reserves and a last refuge for many Saharan mammals that have been hunted to the edge of extinction. Reintroduced wild living Oryx and Addax are here along with Dama Gazelles, Striped Polecats and Striped Hyena. We will stay in African Parks’ Oryx Camp.
And we will spend 6 days travelling through the Ennedi Massif in the heart of the Sahara: empty and barely explored (there are claims that 75% of the area has yet to be explored). The scenery is mind-blowing and looks to be from another planet (check out…/forgotten-wonders-dead…) It is no surprise that so little seems to be known about the wildlife here. So if you ever wanted to discover a new mammal species then this might be your chance…
Of course the focus will be on mammalwatching, but there will be lots of time for birds, reptiles, photography and more. So it is a trip that anyone with a sense of adventure will enjoy. And this is definitely a trip for the adventurous. We are camping (but comfortable camps for much of the trip) and have tried to keep costs down so there will be some long, hot and bumpy drives but also one private charter flight.
March 21 to April 10, 2023.

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