Does anyone know about Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo (Brazzaville)?

Always want to see the central African rainforest mammals. Have read some trip reports of Gabon, and Dzange-Sangha, Central African Republic. Bongo and red river hog are two main targets for me. However, it seems no hope for bongo in Gabon and no hope for red river hog at Dzange-Sangha.

Then I found Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo (Brazzaville). Both the two species have pictures taken with handheld cameras on iNaturalist, together with forest elephant, forest buffalo, gorilla, sitatunga, various duiker & primate species. The Kamba lodges are two expensive for me, while the Imbalanga camp is affordable (US$160 per person per night). Congo (Brazzaville) is also a safe country to travel according to the rating of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

While there are very few trip reports of Odzala, so I am not sure how big the chance we can actually see these species during a trip. Does anyone know more about there? Thank you.

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Zhou Fangyi


  • tomeslice

    Alon Cassidy is your guy!
    Find him on Facebook – he used to guide at Odzala for years, he’ll know all the answers ☺️

  • ChadJ

    Would love to hear any more details you get about this park. It theoretically sounds amazing.

  • Ewan Davies

    Red river hog can be seen at Dzanga Sangha, they often come to the bai at dawn or dusk. Good views can be hard, but I’ve seen 13 red river hog and 36 bongos there this week. Message me on the info address on the Sangha Lodge website and I’ll be happy to chat.

    • Zhou Fangyi

      Thank you Ewan! It is great to hear that there are red river hog at Dzanga Sangha. I am sorry that I did not know it before. Seems that Dzanga Sangha is still the top place.

      • Ewan Davies

        No problem. I’m affiliated with Sangha Lodge, so l’m biased, but I’ll be happy to tell you anything you want to know. I’m just on my way home after 3 weeks there, I will write it up when I get the chance.

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