Does anyone want to take a day trip to look for cetaceans in Hawaii (Dec 17, 18 or 19)?

I’m stopping in Hawaii for a few days on my way back to Australia for Christmas and am organising a private cetacean trip with Wild Side Hawaii  (O’ahu not too far from Honolulu).  We are going to look for some of the rarer cetaceans in those waters and they have been seeing some great stuff recently: Pygmy Killer Whales, Blainville’s Beaked Whales and Rough-toothed Dolphins have all been seen over the past week. Check out this fabulous footage of Rough-toothed Dolphins hunting Mahi Mahi that Wild Side sent to me.

So if anyone happens to be on O’ahu then and wants to join please let me know. I have a reservation for Dec 17 but we could probably shift this to the 18th or 19th if it was more convenient. There is space for three people.





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Jon Hall


  • charleswhood

    It looks like I may be able to join JH, just on a whim. I mention this as follow-up to the travel article posted earlier by Dr. Foley. I have a pile of airline points from credit card x. It does have an annual fee, but so far, with free flights and free bags, I am coming out ahead. I also have free parking during this trip, via a different airport loyalty scheme. My wife questioned how much I would be spending on this lunacy, but since I can stay with Jon, the answer is just a few sandwiches and the price of the boat ticket. / Charles Hood

  • William Henri Lewis

    I’m not yet sure it it’s able to fit into my schedule, but I am definitely interested in potentially joining you to see some exciting cetaceans! If there’s any more information you have about it I would love to hear it, otherwise I’ll see how things can be arranged and try to figure it out.

    • Jon Hall

      Hi William. It’s set for the 19th now and we will be out for 6 hours from 630am out of Waiaene. It will just be us so we won’t get sidetracked by humpbacks. There will be some chances to jump in the water to swim with dolphins at some points but mainly we will be a few miles off shore trying to find the good stuff. The cost of the boat will be a maximum of $400 pp Hope you can make it!

      • William Henri Lewis

        The 19th would actually fit my schedule perfectly, I would love to join you! Seems like an awesome opportunity, I’m very excited to search for some of those great species.

  • Jon Hall

    Great. I will let the operator know. See you next month.


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