Genet ID from Ghana

Can you help with ID of this Genet I have photographed in 2017 in Mole National Park, Ghana. I have ID it as Common Genet at that time but I am not sure know, in fact it looks more like Pardine Genet to me! Any help is welcome!

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  • Ian Thompson

    Great photo! It looks more like Pardine Genet than Common Genet to me, although I’ll certainly defer to other more genet-savvy folks on this site.

  • danielwillcox

    I can share this to the IUCN SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group if you like? One or two in the group that are experts on the African genets.

    • MarbledPolecat

      It would be great! A firm ID from somebody would be excellent! As Charles noted G. pardina and G. maculata pretty similar. However I guess the Volta River could be a dividing line in range!? Thanks! It seems though that most comments agree it is not a Common Genet more like a Large spotted Genet.

  • Charles Foley

    Yes I agree with the others that it’s one of the species from the Large spotted genet complex. The range maps would suggest pardina although what the defining characteristics are between that species and G. maculata, which is found in eastern Ghana, I couldn’t tell you.

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