Giant Panda Expedition China 2023/2024

So we wanted a Giant Panda for Christmas… It eventually became a belated New Years gift. The mammal list wasn’t very long, but the quality was good. I am happy to be able add some more Red Panda pictures to  the collection.

Apart from Giant Panda, other animals of note were Red Panda, Chinese Forest Musk Deer, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Northern Chinese Flying Squirrel, Mainland Leopard Cat, Tibetan Gazelle  and a shrew which I’ve identified as a Southeast Asian Shrew (would be great if someone could confirm). Hope you enjoy the tripreport!

Giant Panda Expedition China

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  • Jon Hall

    Fantastic report Lennart. This will be in the running for a NUTTER nomination next year I reckon and not just for the “Great Chinese Firewall” line :)Really glad you found this trip through the mammalwatching advert too … I imagine others who saw the ad and were considering going are now feeling very sorry for themselves. Wonderful photos too!

  • craig9563

    Great trip report – thanks. Hoping one day to do such a trip.
    Melbourne. Australia.

  • Antee

    Great and interesting report!
    Thank you.

  • wildlifeship

    Enjoyed the report.

  • samuelmarlin

    Fantastic report indeed !!! So jalous of your marvellous giant panda bear sighting (and golden snub monkeys since the place where we were supposed to see them stopped at the time we were there…)
    Well done


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